Foam & Mattress

• Kyaw sofa & soundproofing business is running as the one of the main distributor of foam & mattress based in Yangon, Myanmar wholesale & retail market.

• Customers can get various sizes/ quantity and quality foam products from Kyaw in a very short period and reasonable prices.

• We distribute our products to nationwide. Most of our customers are those who produce/ make mattress and bedding items.

• Kyaw is formed as a team of members who have more than 10 years and above experienced in production of various bedding items and making different items with foam such as car seat cushions to using foams for decorating living rooms and commercial places for soundproofing.


• As we are the main distributor of foams, we offer custom sofas at a very low price (or competitive Price) and we provide our customers with many different customization options.

• We will also help to create perfect sofa for of your own/ desire sizes and styles.

• As we believe in creation of sofas with new designs. Our customers will be able to able to design something to perfectly compliment their lifestyle/ commercials.

• We are here to help to re-design your old sofa with new looks and high quality materials as you desires.

• We also provide special services for sofa repairs and restoration instead of replacement. Such as Sofa Frame Repair, Sofa Sagging, Broken Springs, Cushions replacement and more.

• Kyaw guarantees that every project will be a success by using the right materials and skilled staff who will plan out the details of the project.

Sound Proofing

• Kyaw sound proofing service is specialized to make your space sounds better.

• We provide free sound proofing consulting services which includes designs / related soundproofing products around your budget and deliver the cost effective products on the market.

• Whether it is a residential, commercial space such as KTVs, clubs, bars etc., Kyaw can provide sound proofing service with creative designs and quality products, with years of experience, we are sure to have a solution for your space.

• As all our sound proofing panels / products/ designs are easy to replace from one space to another. Installation Our skilled team members are just a call away for all upholstery needs! We will examine the suite to ensure your needs and we will measure up for your space.